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Owning a car, especially a Cadillac model, can be difficult andÔÇ»expensive for anyone who does not have proper finances. Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper offers quality auto financing options if you seek to finance any Cadillac model. Financing a Cadillac model at Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper is the right choice because we are a well-known dealership that provides various financing options for customers from Evansville and beyond. Our financing options will benefit each shopper in Jasper since various incentives accompany them, and it is our obligation to ensure each customer is pleased.

The following are some of the Cadillac financing options you will come across at Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper:


Our finance team at Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper will help Owensboro, KY and Bloomington, IN customers understand how this financing option works. Leasing is like renting a vehicle, mostly for two years. Various companies always use this financing option to acquire vehicles for business, but you can also use it to get the Cadillac model of your choice. However, it does have some restrictions, including customization agreements and vehicle mileage limitations, which result in a penalty when you go against the terms.

We advise shoppers to check on the terms and clearly understand leasing before initiating the process. Some of the terms you will come across include:

  • Capitalized cost - The amount you will be paying for the car, and it is negotiable.
  • MSRP - It is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and it is not negotiable.
  • Residual value - The manufacturer's price to get the vehicle back at the end of the lease period. However, you also have the option of purchasing the car.
  • Money factor - It represents the interest rate you will pay on the amount you are given and is set by the manufacturer. However, you should check if you are getting the base rate.

Benefits of Leasing

You will require a low amount at drive-off since leasing does not require any down payment. The only fees to pay are the tax and registration fee, which is typically affordable.

  • You will pay low monthly payments since you will be paying for the vehicle's depreciation.
  • You are eligible to change a vehicle during the lease period.

Leasing is always a short period. When you return the vehicle during the end of the lease, the manufacturer handles any repairs because it is still within the warranty coverage.


Auto-loan is a suitable option if you want to own the vehicle permanently. The auto-loan program is applied when you cannot raise the required amount for the Cadillac model you want to own. Our financing team will get some info from you, and they will reach out to various auto-lenders with the information provided. The auto-lenders will come up with favorable terms for you to get the Cadillac model of your choice.

Benefits of Auto-loan Financing

When you get an auto-loan through Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper, you will get various benefits, such as:

  • Tax-deductible
  • You can borrow the whole amount required for the car purchase.
  • It helps you establish credit as long as you make the loan payments on time.
  • The dealership does most of the legwork by contacting a variety of auto-lenders in Jasper.


Our trade-in estimator enables you to sell us your old vehicle and get a good value. The value will be used to finance your next vehicle. The trade-in option at Uebelhor and Sons Cadillac Jasper comes with a tax advantage, unlike when you sell it privately.

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